Homemade yogurt cake

Homemade yogurt cake mix foods


  • We are going to use the measure of a yogurt container (normally it has 125 g.)
  • 1 measure of mild olive oil yogurt
  • 1 measure of yogurt (in this case natural with sugar)
  • 2 measures of white sugar yogurt
  • 3 measures of wheat flour yogurt (or corn)
  • 3 medium sized eggs
  • 1 sachet of chemical yeast powder or baking powder (16 g.)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • a little butter and a pinch of flour, for the base of the sponge cake


Add the yogurt to a large bowl and wash the jar or container where the yogurt comes from.

Preheat the oven to 200ΒΊ C and spread the mold that we are going to use with butter, on the base and sides.

Sprinkle with a pinch of flour and shake off excess flour. We booked.

Beat the eggs with a whisk, when they begin to whiten, add a pinch of salt. We measure the sugar (remember, there are 2 cups) and we beat again, we already have the base ready.

We add in the bowl a measure of soft olive oil, the chemical yeast and measure the flour again with the glass (remember that there are 3 measures).

We put everything in the bowl and beat with some rods (you can use manual or electric, the ones you like the most). It should be a homogeneous and fine mass.

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