Butternut Squash Bechamel Lasagna

As the rainfall is cooling down it’s a perfect time to make further intricate refections that really gather the family together. The roaster is on and the aroma of the lasagna baking is pleasurable. Perfect Sunday mess or indeed for the forthcoming leaves.
Buon appetito!

Butternut Squash Bechamel Lasagna

Butternut squash
2 tbsp redundant abecedarian olive oil painting
to 2 lbs cubed butternut squash( 800- 900 g)
Small onion diced
6 fresh savant leaves
mug water
1 stick adulation( 112 g)
mug flour
4 mugs whole milk( 980 ml)
Pinch nutmeg
Fresh cracked black pepper
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1 lb link( 450 g) funk or pork
1 tbsp redundant abecedarian olive oil painting
mug white wine( 120 ml)
10 no pustule lasagna wastes( 500 g)
1 lb mozzarella sliced( 450 g)
mug grated Parmigiano Reggiano
Baking dish 14X10.5 X3( 36X27X8)

Butternut squash
In a medium visage sautΓ© diced onion and savant in redundant abecedarian olive oil painting. Once golden add butternut squash. Stir add water and cover to cook until tender.( 20 to 30 twinkles) PurΓ©e using a potato lecher or absorption blender.

In a pot melt adulation add flour and whisk to produce a smooth paste. Add milk a little at a time and continue whisking to avoid lumps. Grate a little nutmeg in add swab and fresh cracked pepper. Continue shifting and cuisine until just under a pustule. Remove from pot and let it cool.
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In a sautΓ© visage add oil painting and link. Using a rustic ladle break into lower pieces. Cook through and add wine. Let it dematerialize. Add the swab and pepper.

In a lasagna visage add a subcaste of bechamel at the bottom. Add pasta wastes, spread butternut squash purΓ©e and sprinkle link. Grated Parmigiano Reggiano and cover with another subcaste of pasta. Spread bechamel and sliced mozzarella. Cover with further pasta wastes.
Remainder of butternut squash and Parmigiano reggiano. Cover final subcaste with pasta wastes and cover with bechamel. Grated Parmigiano Reggiano and cover before incinerating at 350 Β°F( 180 Β°C) for an hour. Uncover for the last 15 twinkles so the top can get golden.
Buon appetito!

Written by Allen Wingate

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