June 6, 2023

Let’s face it: a good night’s sleep is on most of our priority lists. Without it, we can become irritable and unproductive. And that good night’s sleep starts with a wonderful pillow. If your neck and back cramp in your sleep, we highly recommend giving the Wayfair Sleep Encased Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Medium Support Pillow a try. In fact, the standard version of the highly-rated bed accessory is currently priced at $20 (was $100) as part of Wayfair’s Way Day two-day mega-savings event. You know what else helps you sleep? Knowing that you have saved 80% on your new comfortable pillow. Hurry though, this prize won’t last.


Filled with shredded ActiveRelief memory foam, the pieces provide increased airflow and manipulability, allowing you to shape the pillow to the contours of your head for just the right amount of comfort.

$20 at Wayfair

What makes this memory foam pillow unique? The shredded pieces of foam inside create a malleable interior that molds to your head and supports your neck, shoulders and back while you sleep. AlwaysCool gel technology is used in the surrounding layer that encases those little fuzzy bits in a smooth, cool and restful sleeping surface. The exterior consists of a 100% cotton cover that is easily removable and machine washable.

More than 15,000 users give this pillow five stars – a true testament to its premium quality. One raved, “These pillows are amazing. They’re nice weight and excellent memory foam. They’re so comfortable. I’ll definitely be buying more.” Another fan commented, “It’s better than my Beautyrest!”

Wayfair Sleep Encased Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Medium Support Pillow

Score this cool gel memory foam pillow from Wayfair and save up to 80%. (Photo: Wayfair)

The queen size and king size pillows are also available for purchase. Grab the queen size pillow for $23 (was $110) and the king size pillow for $31 (was $120). You can even choose one for every bed in your house! “I bought all new pillows for my sons’ rooms,” said one happy mother. These pillows are the best. They are thick but crush down easily. The aspect of memory foam is great – excellent quality and price. I highly recommend them!”

Other fans raved about how the Wayfair Sleep Encased Cooling Shredded Memory Foam Medium Support Pillow relieved pain. “I’ve gone through countless pillows to find one that doesn’t give me restless nights or headaches in the morning. I finally have a pillow that works for me. What a relief! Since sleeping on this pillow, I no longer wake up with headache like the old days,” gushed one pillow enthusiast. Back sleepers also give it a thumbs up: “A very comfortable pillow for back sleepers. I’ve been sleeping better since getting this pillow, and I’ve had no more neck pain or strain in the mornings. I’ve even ordered a second one after getting mine one. number of nights.”

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Shape it, fluff it, shape it just the way you need it for a good night’s sleep.

$20 at Wayfair

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