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‘Grim reaper’ spotted at King Charles’ coronation

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Who invited this creep?

Eagle-eyed Twitter users spotted what appears to be a cloaked figure rushing into the backdrop of King Charles III’s coronation, comparing the unknown person to Grim reaper.

A person dressed in a black hooded robe and carrying a long stick, similar to a scythe, was caught running in front of the golden arches in the cathedral on Saturday.

“Has anyone else noticed the Grim Reaper in Westminster Abbey?” wrote one person on Twitterwith 2 million views.

‘I noticed him! Who is he looking for?” one person responded.

Grim Reaper figure in Westminster Abbey
“NAH, IT CANNOT BE JUST ME WHO SAW IT,” one social media user posted.

Grim reaper figure spotted in Westminster Abbey
The figure darted across the golden-arched entrance before disappearing again.

“Did anyone else see the Grim Reaper appear at the coronation?” tweeted anotheras users joked it could be Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle, in disguise. She would stay at home in California.

The footage even made it to TikTok, where a home viewer scored 8.8 million views on the “reaper’s” quick cameo.

“NAH IT CAN’T BE JUST ME WHO SAW IT,” the caption read in part.

“Diana gets her revenge,” said one viewer.

“Diana’s invite defo has arrived,” another joked.

“Lizzy came back with help this time,” another agreed.

“Lizzy wants her crown back,” another agreed.

The viral spectacle comes after two royal “superfans” – who claimed to have predicted the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip – warned of ominous coronation vibes.

“We have visions, like slideshows in our heads, that security has to be high,” Lynne Antink, 78, told Jam Press.

King Charles III coronation in Westminster Abbey
King Charles III officially ascended the throne on Saturday in a historic ceremony.
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The Berkshire, England native and her son, Colin, have gained notoriety for their morbid predictions.

“My first vision was that the crown fell, and I don’t know what this means, but it will fall off the pillow or off the king’s head,” she revealed.

Despite fears that the ceremony would go awry, the closest thing to tragedy came pop star Katy Perry’s nearby facial plant and heartthrob Johnny Thompson’s enchanted fans discovering that the royal equerry has been taken.

What you need to know about the coronation:

But the coronation has not been without controversy, from anti-monarchy protesters to disapproved relatives.

The multimillion-dollar festivities even sparked a turnout from taxpayers angry about footing the bill for the expensive extravaganza, estimated to cost between $63 million and $125 million.

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