June 4, 2023

Do you plan a lot of entertainment in spring and summer? You need some help in the kitchen. If you haven’t treated yourself and your family to an air fryer yet, now is the time. The Ultrean Air Fryer, with more than 33,000 perfect five-star reviews on Amazon, is almost 50% off, and it will simply change your life. Amazon shoppers have found a winner in the Ultrean. And right now it’s down from $96 to just $50. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this model!


This streamlined solution for healthier and easier food preparation creates wonderful meals with less effort than your regular fryer and stove.

$50 at Amazon

This handy device can grill, roast, bake and roast, all without oil. It does this by circulating hot air, which crisps up veggies, wings, and more. No splatter, no extra fat, no mess and all the flavor of your favorite fried foods. Easy and delicious, with minimal effort on your part.

People are seriously addicted. One five-star fan says, “I admit I was hesitant to buy this – or any other – air fryer. But I’m nothing but thrilled with the results. First, the food comes out fantastic – and cleanup is pretty easy. second, it’s super easy to use, a quick three minute heat up to the desired cooking temperature, and then you place the food in the nice big basket, set the temperature and time, and you’re done!”

Even grill masters are shocked by how perfect their wings turned out. Writes one: “I absolutely love this air fryer. I’ve been so hesitant over the years but I’m thoroughly impressed. So far I’ve cooked wings, salmon and asparagus in it. Do yourself a favor and buy !!”

A red hot air fryer on a scatter pattern background

Yup — this glowing number is down to $48 for a limited time. (Photo: Amazon)

One customer even said it was “the best kitchen appliance ever”, adding that it “cooks faster than the oven and tastes better. Easy to use, no grease, better for your health. Super easy to clean. Wish I had it had gotten a long time ago!”

Other customers shared how much they love the device for vegetables, including cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. It’s also a great way to trick kids into trying something new, or trick your taste buds into thinking you’re eating something that has significantly more calories than you actually are.

Moreover, it is not the only size on sale. Choose from the six liter ($65 with coupon on the page, instead of $75), or the pictured 4.2 liter.

You’ll want to jump on it, though: At this price, the Ultrean Air Fryer could sell out quickly!


This streamlined solution for healthier and easier food preparation creates wonderful meals with less effort than your regular fryer and stove.

$50 at Amazon

Amazon gives you free shipping on this order. But if you have Amazon Prime, you get a lot more, including fast delivery and discounts at Whole Foods. not yet a member? No problem. You can sign up for your 30-day free trial here.

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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