June 6, 2023

A 72-year-old Georgia native recently graduated from college with a degree in film studies on Thursday — and his proud, 98-year-old mother was in attendance.

Sam Kaplan from Lawrenceville enrolled in Georgia Gwinnett College in 2019 – 50 years after he chose not to pursue higher education when he graduated from high school in 1969.

“I was driving down the highway and heard on the radio that they were offering this degree,” Kaplan told FOX 5 Atlanta.

“The next exit was Collinsville, so I got out and five minutes later I signed up for class.

“I have always loved to write, I love to tell stories. I thought I could turn my stories into screenplays, but I had to have the basics of what to do.

Kaplan said the experience was nerve-wracking, but ultimately rewarding.

He graduated summa cum laude majoring in film and media arts and plans to write more screenplays in the future.

Sam Kaplan
Kaplan graduated summa cum laude with a major in film and media arts and plans to write more screenplays in the future.
Fox news

“It was exciting, nervous, but it was a challenge. Learning to study again and interacting with the students has been a lot of fun,” said Kaplan.

“I’m really excited and I’m proud of myself for doing this.”

The icing on the cake of Kaplan’s big day was having his mother, Virginia Kaplan, attend the graduation ceremony.

“I’m so proud of him,” she told the Gwinnett Daily Post.

“He had a lot of challenges but he persevered and I’m so happy, elated and very proud.”

“With his new degree, he will be so successful in everything he does. And who knows, maybe I’ll be in the movie,’ added the overjoyed mother, who will soon be 99.