June 4, 2023

Being able to retreat to your own pool on a sweltering summer day is a beautiful dream, but not all of us have the budget or space to make it come true. Unless you hop aboard the inflatable pool train. “Wait, those are for kids!” you’re probably yelling at me through your screen. And while that was once the case, inflatable pools have become bigger and more appealing to adults looking to beat the heat. Case in point: This adorable Minnidip Tufted Pool, which retails for just $53 at Target. Let’s dive in, shall we?


An inflatable pool that is both big enough for adults and aesthetically pleasing? Register us!

$53 at target

Designed by Minnidip founder Emily Vaca, this pretty-in-pink beauty is a far cry from the flimsy kiddie pools you probably remember when you splashed around in your childhood. It’s made of non-toxic vinyl that’s soft, yet sturdy enough to withstand holes and tears—and filling it with air isn’t the chore your parents had to endure, either. While it doesn’t include an air pump, any standard bicycle pump will do, and if you don’t have one (or feel like buying one), you can even inflate it using the cool setting on your hair dryer! It doesn’t get much easier than that.

With a width of 1.60 meters, it can accommodate 2-3 adults for a fun little pool party, and the 21-inch high sides and 125-liter capacity mean you’ll have plenty of water to laze around in. Kids would of course love to play in it too, but there’s no shame in designating the Minnidip as an “Adult Swim” zone!

It probably sounds strange to refer to an inflatable pool as ‘fancy’, but that’s exactly what it is. The scalloped edges elevate the aesthetic of any backyard, and the eye-catching palm leaf print along the bottom gives it extra visual appeal. Get ready for all your friends coming over to ask, “Where did you get that?!”

three people in the inflatable mini dip pool

Call your friends: This adorable inflatable pool seats three! (Photo: target)

If you need even more convincing that this summer essential belongs on your patio, here’s what some five-star reviewers from Target have to say about it:

“I bought this crazy pool because it was super cute and fun, but I didn’t expect it to be great quality,” said one. “It’s been great so far! I also didn’t expect my husband to look forward to hanging out in it, LOL! Our new favorite activity in the evening is to make cocktails and relax in our little pink pool.”

“This is great for a small space. I made a little cute setup in our backyard,” one impressed customer wrote. “The quality is great and it’s easy to set up. It comfortably fits three adults.”

“Love this pool!” exclaimed one enthusiastic user. “Just read the instructions and don’t over inflate… I’ve used it several times with no problem. My Dalmatian even plays in it and his nails don’t tear it.”

“Amazing quality,” exclaimed one recent reviewer. “Shocking how big it really is. A person over six feet can stretch in it, no problem. It only takes a few minutes to air out with a hair dryer on a cool setting.”


“It’s been great so far!” lyrically a chllaxer. In the evening, our new favorite activity is to make cocktails and relax in our little pink pool.’

$53 at target

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