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Women who can’t take compliments struggle with weight loss

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She gives the thin about why a specific type of woman struggles to reduce fat for good.

When it comes to getting fit and staying fit, one weight-loss coach — who claims to have helped 10,000 people get rid of their unwanted bulges — says there’s a stark contrast between the wiring of a girl’s brain who enjoys lasting results and the noggin of a lady who regains her pounds in record time.

“There’s one thing that separates women who successfully lose weight and keep it off and those who don’t,” said health guru Aesha Karunakaran of Beverly Hills, California, in a trending TikTok eye-opener titled “The #1 Reason Losing Weight Is hard for you.”

“Those who can do that can take a compliment and they accept compliments,” she revealed. “Those who really struggle with weight loss are women who can’t take a compliment.”

Karunakaran, who recently went viral for sharing her five-ingredient cookie dough recipe, which she claims “works like the natural version of Ozempic,” went on to explain how a few kind words can lead to reaching your body to dream.

“If you can accept compliments about yourself, you believe good things about yourself — and don’t sabotage yourself,” she explained.

On TikTok, Karunakaran explained why women who can tolerate compliments find it hard to lose weight and keep it off for good.
Beverly Hills weight-loss coach Aesha Karunakaran is trending on TikTok thanks to a video where she explains why some women struggle to keep the pounds off.

In a viral TikTok post, Karunakaran claimed that her cookie dough can help shed excess pounds.
Karunakaran recently went viral on TikTok for claiming that her five-ingredient cookie recipe supports weight loss just as effectively as the popular Ozempic diabetes drug.

But for those who regularly turn down compliments, Karunakaran cautioned that the constant negativity is a mental roadblock that stands in the way of long-term weight loss victory.

“Your mindset will always look at yourself as a flawed person, and you’ll never really, really believe that you deserve to lose weight,” she said, “and to have that transformative life, unless you believe that you are worthy of transformation.”

And according to recent research from the Cleveland Clinic, Karunakaran’s tips are good.

Karunakaran says women who refuse to accept compliments often struggle to lose weight.
Karunakaran advised women, hoping for long-term weight loss success, to retrain their brains with positive self-talk and love.

In a December 2021 report, bariatric behavioral health expert Leslie Heinberg said, “When we link our self-esteem so directly to our food choices and combine that with a restrictive diet, we set ourselves up to fail and feel guilty, which in turn causes overeating and subsequently more guilt.

Heinberg added, “Write down positive changes you make each day (such as drinking more water or going for a walk) in a journal and stop using the words ‘good’ and ‘bad’ to describe your food choices — and yourself. “

And in 2022, 42-year-old body-positivity influencer Rachel Williams told The Post that she’d lost weight and maintained a 100-pound weight loss by resetting her brain for success and “thinking thin thoughts.”

On TikTok, Karunakaran touted similar advice to self-deprecating dieters.

“Start complimenting yourself,” she encouraged. “If people give you a compliment, accept it very kindly.”

Karunakaran continued, “Start counting your victories, because if you rewire your brain to think about all the things you do well, you will start doing more things that are right.”

And she begged the chronic critics not to waste another second of their garbage journeys complaining.

“You can do this right now,” she insisted. “Start retraining your brain to believe you are worthy of your transformation.”

“Unless you believe you are worthy,” said Karunakaran, “you won’t be.”

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