Greggs wins battle to sell sausage rolls late at night in London’s Leicester Square | British news

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Greggs has won his battle to sell sausage rolls and steak bakes until 2am from his branch in London’s Leicester Square.

The bakery chain was gearing up for a lawsuit against Westminster City Council after it was denied an extended license to sell food late at night in the square, considered the center of the capital’s nightlife.

Greggs planned to appeal the decision, with a three-day hearing set to begin Tuesday.

But the bakery withdrew the appeal after agreement with the municipality.

The agreement means it can sell pasties and sausage rolls until 2 a.m., but items from its hot food menu — including pizzas, chicken goujons and hot baguettes — cannot be sold after 11 p.m.

The store should also have bouncers at the door, install cameras and ensure that rubbish is cleared away from the store.

Greggs had hoped to open his Leicester Square store 24 hours a day from last July to serve hot food all day and night.

But the permit application was blocked by the municipality because of concerns that the store would cause ‘night disturbances and anti-social behaviour’.

Westminster City Council deputy leader Aicha Less said: “On the merits of this case, Westminster has reached an agreement with Greggs that works for everyone.”

The agreement means it can stay open until midnight on Sunday to Wednesday and until 2am on Thursday to Saturday.

“We are delighted to continue to support local businesses and look forward to working with the company in the future,” the council said.

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