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I begged my neighbors to move their bed because of rowdy sex

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Sleep tight, but don’t let the salacious madhouse keep you awake at night.

A very annoyed woman named Ali was forced to beg her neighbors to let them move their beds because of their noisy sexual escapades.

The Yukon, Canada resident begged her acquaintances to move their mattresses to a different part of their room in a kind letter she later shared on social media.

“I think I’m finally going to give my neighbors a note about them every day, all day long,” Ali wrote on Twitter. “I was shaking in my boots, sneaking over there to put it on their doorstep. But it had to happen.”

The note, obtained by Jam Press, reminded noisy neighbors that the wall their apartments share is very thin, adding that Ali often wakes up exhausted in the morning due to their daily and nightly romps.

“I can’t do it anymore. I’m losing my mind. I literally can’t go into my bedroom without hearing them f–– king,” she angrily added in the tweet. “They keep me up at night and wake me up in the morning. It’s insane.”

noisy letter
Ali left her noisy neighbors a handwritten note in an attempt to ask them to stop being noisy.
Jam press

In her letter, she applauded her neighbor friends for their “very healthy sex life” and even praised the pair’s long and sustained “endurance” — but begged not to let her be part of the romp, confessing that their frequent encounters interrupted her beauty sleep.

As a gift, Ali left her neighbors two Corona beers. “Accept these beers as a peace offering or bargaining chip,” she wrote. “I was hoping they would be enough to persuade you to maybe move your bed to the other side of the room.”

noisy letter
The Canadian resident notified her followers on Twitter after she left the letter, saying the couple had taken the beers and that she believed they would actually move their bed.
Jam press

A moment later, Ali thought her housemates appreciated the memo and moved their beds to the other side of the room.

But a few hours later, all hope was lost when Ali heard their alarm go off at 6am the next day.

“The girl dramatically doubled her moan at exactly 6am sharp and now the bed is currently banging against the wall,” Ali said of the incident in a series of follow-up tweets.

noisy letter
“I’m going crazy. I literally can’t go into my bedroom without hearing them f–king,” she bitterly explained on social media.
Jam press

“Happy Saturday people, don’t assume the best in people,” she sighed, adding that she initially thought the two had moved the bed because the man’s voice sounded “far father away.”

Followers of Ali’s Twitter thread almost laughed at the frowning situation, with one person writing, “If I received this note I would stick it on my fridge… and of course take your request seriously and of course oblige. But definitely keep the trophy.”

A sympathizer complained that Ali probably needed the beers she sent the couple more than she did.

However, one critic apparently questioned Ali’s predicament and pared down her approach, writing, “Focus on your own sanity instead of being a Karen.”

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