June 4, 2023

Have you ever come up with a name for your child that you later realized was a mistake?

When a mother welcomed her daughter into the world, she thought the name they had chosen suited her perfectly.

A few days later she regretted her choice.

In a Reddit post, the woman explained that she and her husband chose the name Louisa before their daughter was born.

When she announced the news to the family, her “husband got cold feet” about the name, to which the new mother “agreed.”

They changed the name before signing the birth certificate.

Pregnant woman with name tag on bare belly.
The parents first chose Louisa, but wanted to change this to Lucia after birth.
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Instead, they chose the name Lucia.

Now that she is three and a half months old, the mother faces another name regret.

“I’ve had doubts since the birth of our second daughter,” she explained. “I just don’t like the sound of Lucia and am afraid to put the burden of correcting the pronunciation.”

She hoped that the feeling of regret would disappear after a while, but that is not the case.

In fact, “it’s only gotten worse.”

According to the mother, “It’s become an obsession,” and most of her waking moments are “regrets [her] choice.”

Looking for something that “has a lot of meaning”, she now wants to name her daughter Juliette – a combination of her late mother’s name, Judy Elliott.

While she loves the name Juliette and wants to finalize her decision, she fears her family will think she and her husband are “totally ridiculous” for changing the name a third time.

Newborn girl baby inside incubator in hospital.
The mother is now three and a half months old and is considering changing the baby’s name to Juliette for the third time.
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“It feels like a catch-22, and I’m not going to be uncomfortable with either decision,” she confessed.

Whether she chooses to keep the name Lucia and “dislike it” or change it and feel embarrassed in front of her friends and family, the mother fears “they’ll think we’re treating our baby like an object. ”

She went on to explain that her husband “totally supports” the Juliette name, but he was apprehensive about the choice at first.

Another burden she faces is announcing the name change online. “Shall I post on social media?” she asked the audience, saying she feels “so exposed and ashamed.”

“A big part of me just wants to stick with her name and be done with it — it’ll grow into her once she develops a distinct personality,” she said.

“My husband thinks that if the only thing holding back change is the fear of what other people might think, it’s something we need to push through.”

Supporters on Reddit were sympathetic to the mother’s change of heart. “Parenting involves a lot of trial and error!” one person wrote.

Others suggested naming their daughter Juliette and “see how that fits and feels.”

“If it feels right, go ahead with the name change,” they added.

Others told the mother to just keep biting. “Just do it,” someone said. “Your daughter won’t know.”

“There’s no shame in it,” added another. “I think people will be less crazy about it than you might think.”

“You and your husband should live with the name, not other people, so don’t worry about what they think,” said one supporter. “Do what feels right for you and what makes you both happy.”

Others joked that the parents should “enlighten” their friends and family into thinking Juliette was the name all along. “Be delusional,” they laughed.