June 4, 2023

Praise be to them and bulls rejoice.

As we clear the shadow of Mercury Retrograde, which I envision as the psychic equivalent of this “Beauty and the Beast” cleaning scene, we cash in on the good vibes as sharing happiness, unbuckling belt, making it a double, riding it like you the stolen planet Jupiter moves out of the fire of Aries and into the rich earth of Taurus.

Jupiter enters the place of Taurus on Tuesday, May 16 at 1:20 PM ET, where it will remain until May 25, 2024. Jupiter expands and gilds everything it touches and is about to give its relief to the sign of money , consumption, assets and the pastures of pleasure and abundance.

We will notice a tangible shift as Jupiter says goodbye to Aries and merges with Taurus. Aries live loud and talk brazenly, are impatient, ID-centric, initiating/turning on/burning out masculine energy. Taurus, on the other hand, is a feminine sign that attracts and invests, embodies and stabilizes at its peak expression.

When Aries prepares the earth, Taurus calls it to life and flourishes. It takes the flame of inspiration that is Aries and forges something of tangible value from it. Jupiter in Aries is about being bad enough to believe you deserve everything and Jupiter in Taurus cashes in on that confidence.

All well and good, but lest we forget, the underbelly of the bull; greed, land grabbing, materialism and control are all ripe for expansion during this transition.

What does it all mean and what can we conclude from it? How will your fate and fortune be affected? Read on for more information.

What is Jupiter?

Jupiter is named after the Roman god of gods.
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Known as a gas giant, Jupiter is an outer planet and the largest in our solar system. Apropos of this, in astrological terms, it is the planet of generosity that bears the grandiose name of “the great benefactor”.

In terms of nomenclature, Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of god papa Zeus and we can think of the planet as the deity itself; wavy hair, full belly, one provocative nipple free from a semi-transparent gown, casting thunderbolts and blessings our way. It takes Jupiter about twelve years to orbit the sun and it spends one year of that sojourn in each zodiac sign, exaggerating each sign’s qualities and energies.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, planet of pleasure, beauty, possessions and worth. Both Jupiter and Venus can be a real boon to the game of life and when in cahoots these two togas can really make magic happen and make money rain. But both are hindered by the same urge for excess.

These planets are susceptible to second helpings, wanting more than they need and dying of decadence, always struggling to find the balance between starved and stuffed and the line that separates contentment from over-indulgence

Which begs the question ‘what is enough?’

Excess vs Enough

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus.

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of god papa Zeus and we can see the planet as the deity, wavy hair, full belly, one provocative nipple free from a semi-transparent toga, casting down thunderbolts and blessing our way.

Etymologically, wealth is not about finances, but about well-being. During this transition, saving, investing and inventory take center stage and we can see the health of our resources as an extension of our own well-being. This is not a stand-in condition, but a reflection of how we prioritize our once and in the future. Jupiter in Taurus wants us to be patient with pleasure, celebrate our bodily forms, be present for what is, and be prepared in body and bank account for what is yet to come.

The Oxford English Dictionary states that the words luck and lock are related through a common root. If you allow the metaphor, maybe luck is less about chance and more about recognizing the key we already hold, recasting what we haven’t seen, considering a present opportunity ready to be seized, or because we deal with Taurus, slowly sauntered upwards.

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Jupiter returns

We hear a lot about Saturn’s dreaded return, when the planet of daddy jeans and tough love takes us over the threshold of adulthood, but we also experience a sunny rainbow pot of gold Jupiter return every 12 years. These are typically periods of great success, fortune and personal advancement.

Jupiter rules the constellation of Sagittarius and is synonymous with exploration and expansion, themes that become hyper-present during a return of Jupiter. If you were born with Jupiter in Taurus in your birth chart, it’s about to be a very, very good year. Buy the ticket, take the ride.

Who gets the Midas touch?

Two bulls stand in a field.
Jupiter settles in the physical pastures of Taurus.
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In terms of best practices for this transit, I offer you two pieces of wisdom. A practical and impractically handsome Virgo friend of mine insists that being rich is like sleeping in the knowledge that you have the means to meet the costs of a catastrophe.

In her book “A Frozen Woman,” Nobel laureate Annie Ernaux recalls, to a different degree, taking the train into town with her mother, a woman of extremely modest means. On these occasions, Ernaux’s mother would take her to a good restaurant and urge her to order whatever she wanted.

Leaning conspiratorially across the table, she reminded her daughter, “Today we are rich.” I hope Jupiter in Taurus gives you a similar feeling. Be rich when it matters and in ways that matter to you.

Because Taurus is a fixed sign, those who share this modality; Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the effects of this transit the most deeply.

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