June 6, 2023

Chest friends forever?

If there was ever a time to cry over spilled milk: A Malaysian woman said she was traumatized after discovering one of her friends had breastfed her baby multiple times behind her back.

She describes the alleged busty betrayal in a TikTok video that has more than 2.9 million views.

“I didn’t expect her to be able to do something like this,” the woman — whose name is Afieqahhasanah on TikTok — says in the video describing the “disheartening” incident, according to AsiaOne.

The sordid event reportedly happened earlier this month while the mother was at a family gathering with her child Haider.

Since the woman had her hands full planning events, she decided to leave the toddler to a friend.

“I was busy carrying things, and when I arrived, she asked me for Haider, so I just gave it to him [to her] because she was someone close to me,” explains Afieqahhasanah.

@Afieqahhasanah explains the alleged betrayal on TikTok.

Little did she know that her friend had pulled a fast one when she wasn’t looking.

“While I was wearing those things, all of a sudden I saw she was doing something in the back of an open hall,” says the distraught parent. “Turns out she was breastfeeding Haider.”

When confronted about the incident, the woman explained that she nursed Haider because he was “crying,” with the implication that the boy wanted food.

A stock image of a young mother breastfeeding her baby.
“It is now difficult for me to trust other people,” said the TikTokker.
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However, Afieqahhasanah found this excuse suspicious as she had fed her son not long before.

“I couldn’t accept her apology and I don’t know…I will be haunted by this incident,” the aggrieved mother laments. “What mother can accept that her baby is fed directly by someone else when the mother herself has breast milk?”

Worst of all, this wasn’t the first time her friend reportedly played nurse to her son.

According to Afieqahhasanah, her mother again caught the boyfriend committing the act a while later.

The TikToker.
The TikTokker described how her mother caught the friend breastfeeding her son for the second time.

Needless to say, the woman says she found it “hard to shake it off”.

“It’s hard for me to trust other people now,” she adds. “I take good care of my children and make sure no one randomly kisses or hugs them because I’m afraid they will get infected with diseases.”

Indeed, the American Academy of Pediatrics discourages women from informally sharing breast milk because of the risks of disease transmission.

Drinking extra-maternal breast fluid can also expose a baby to medications, alcohol, drugs or other contaminants, according to the organization.

If women must outsource the breastfeeding process, the AAP recommends mothers supplement their own breast milk with formula or use milk donated by a certified milk bank.

Despite the inherent risks, recent studies have shown that informal milk sharing is becoming increasingly popular.

In August, a TikToker was slammed after revealing that she let her friend breastfeed her baby so she could drink.